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The 2017 PossAbilities Triathlon

Hi there!I finally was able to participate in the PossAbilities Triathlon this year again. Haven’t raced this since 2014, when I did it in honor of our little dog Yoda, who had just passed away. I missed the last 2 years due to important races in the ITU Calendar.  It was great to be back, and one of my motivations for that race was to see if could still finish ahead of Zimry…  Zimry Solis is one of the up and [...]

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World Paratriathlon Series: Gold Coast of Australia 2017

Hello, I am truly blessed to go to these amazing places to compete, and some we get to go back again. Australia for instance, was the 3rd time I competed there. They changed location this year again, which keeps it exciting. This year’s locale was beautiful as usual, the “Goldie”. Race was very hard, I did not do well -5th. Most of the athletes that podiumed at Rio Paralympics were here, so it was tough game.  What’s really special was having my [...]

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The PanAmerican Championships – Sarasota, FL (March 11th)

Greetings fellow supporters of Team PossAbilities! We were off to a great start on the first race of the year — I was very pleased to start with a podium! (3rd) The race was on my 6th Ampuversary, so it was a very special day for me and those around me.  Race happened on the same place as last year’s, and it was great seeing all my friends from Team Brazil, who I hadn’t seen since Rotterdam last year in [...]

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The Rincon Classic 2017

Dear Team PossAbilities supporters, I’m here today to tell an adventure tale from an event that’s always a highlight of my year, a surf competition called Rincon Classic. It has a waiting period of 4 months and they make it happen in one weekend when the surf conditions are really good, hence making it super special.  Surfing is a very peculiar sport where a lot of things have to be aligned for the waves to be good. It can be very [...]

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Fiesta Island Time Trials, San Diego, CA ~ September 25, 2016

Hi Everyone, I had a great third run on the Fiesta TT a few weekends ago!  I placed 1st in the Para Open Male (33:07.4).  I look forward to improving my time at the next run on November 6, 2016. Thank you to PossAbilities for this awesome opportunity! ~ Nick    

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Paralympics Rio 2016 – This journey is over

Dear PossAbilities readers, unfortunately I did not qualify for Rio. I waited until last minute, before I broke out the news, because I had hopes.  At first, I never even thought I would not qualify. Same with everyone around me, including Brazil’s National Federation. They even put me in the official album of collectible cards for the Rio Olympics. If you log onto the main page of Triathlon on the Paralympcis, whose picture is featured there?? -myself, showed there in [...]

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July 23, 2016 ~ Majestic Crit, San Bernardino, CA

The Majestic crit was on a course that was nicely laid out was not technical at all. It was a quick race for 25 minutes with 3 left hand turns at 180 degrees which led into straight aways. This race was unique because it was not a para sanctioned race. I am happy with my results. I placed sixth out of 12 Riders which was my best Criterium yet. Thank you to PossAbilities for the ongoing support!

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2016 Volkswagen USA Cycling Masters & Para-Cycling Road National Championships

The Para-Cycling Road National Championships Nationals was a great experience for me this year. I traveled to Salem, NC with two of my sponsors from Team Possabilities who were very helpful in making sure all my equipment was cared for. It was very hot and humid in North Carolina and I was not used to the climate. During the road race I was doing excellent until the heat, humidity and an active tremor got the best of me. [...]

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World Champioships at Rotterdam

Hello faithful readers, I’m here to share a great adventure, the 2016 ITU Paratriathlon Finals showdown, just weeks before the Paralympics in Rio. As of right now, I am not in the StartList for Rio yet. I will keep everyone posted as things progress.  All the top competitors showed up and it was my hardest race up to date. It was very special also that we had a team from Loma Linda filming the trip, they went there for me! [...]

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Paddlers Blog-NYC liberty challenge harbor endurance race

s/2016/06/image-300×300.jpeg” alt=”image” width=”300″ height=”300″   High winds and High spirits in pursuit of a strong start. We faced many adversities, leading up to race day, but they all must be overcome when the horn sounds. This was my first run in The Hudson River and I am proud to say that we won an award for placing 3rd in our Masters age Mirage canoe division. It is always an honor to represent PossAbilities, no matter which coast I am on.

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