Qualified for the National Team!!

Qualified for the National Team!!

Good news from my race down in Brazil: I actually took second, which secured me a place on their permanent National Paratriathlon Team! This is amazing news, it’s 1 of 18 spots, I am still blown away with the news! It was gratifying to know all the hours I’m putting into this are paying off. Now the hard work starts!

What that means is that now I get to participate on specific events that one has to qualify for. All in order to accumulate points nationally, in Brazil, and also on the international ranking for the ITU (International Triathlon Union).

First event that I’m entitled to participate is the Dallas PATCO Triathlon Pan American Championships, on June 1st. I am 1 of 35 (Para) athletes on the start line. Some of the best in class will be there, which will make it the hardest race I’ll have done so far. I’m anxious, excited and nervous; and that is fueling my training.

Farewell my friends, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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