Training season in Hawaii

Training season in Hawaii

Hello folks! In February I received a great offer from my wetsuit sponsor, Mormaii, from Brasil. They invited me to be part of a documentary that is going to air on a Sports Cable Channel in Brasil, called Canal Off. There were 3 other athletes and myself, each one following a different path, but with one thing in common: love of the ocean. I was the triathlete that is training to qualify for the Paralympics, that was my plot!
It was basically a paid vacation with a lot of training and surfing, and an entourage filming and taking pictures of us. Pretty cool! Just not having to worry about work took a great load off of me and I felt great at the end of the trip. Training, surfing, eating clean and well, sleeping well, with good company in Hawaii. Did I go to heaven and was not told? -I think so… Hopefully I’ll have many more of these amazing experiences! Thank you Mormaii and everyone that made this possible! Thank you dear readers!



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