Heeluxe Lab Helping my Running

Heeluxe Lab Helping my Running

Here we have a video of my running at Heeluxe lab under the watchful eye of Dr Geoff Gray. This was a lot of fun and very helpful, we’re talking high tech stuff like you wouldn’t believe!

I have known Dr Gray since before I had my accident. He helped me a lot when I had this nasty injury called Plantar Fasciitis — dark times in my life, when I had a sequence of injuries that dragged for nearly 3 years… Thankfully those days are over, now I’m a happy amputee with a great team behind me!

I was and am very motivated to run but was limited by calf pain. Heeluxe lab was able to help me run longer, more efficiently, and with less pain just by changing my shoes. Many thanks to Geoff Gray and the crew at Heeluxe, and also Team PossAbilities (always!), the Team at Motion Unlimited and Backyard Bowls!

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