P o s i t i v i d a d e

P o s i t i v i d a d e

This movie was a film school project collaboration with Mariana Campos (www.camposmariana.com) in early 2012. It turned out pretty cool!


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  • Candace Ransom Reply

    Hi Andre, So good to hear more about you. Without a doubt you provide incredible inspiration for so many, with such a profound effect on others, helping to make a positive difference, especially for those whose circumstances have resulted after a life altering experience. You can certainly bring a new perspective to those who thought the world could only be the color grey, instead you bring the most vibrant colors of the sunset for us all to appreciate life.

    Next month on July 11 and August 15 I will be sharing more of the Medals of Courage with the children at LLUHC at the Community Event Day. I’ve been having fun working on something to bring there. My theme for the next two events will be the ocean and surfing, that which my son had a passion for. Two weeks ago I was up to share 2 more scholarships at UCSB to 2 amazing chemistry students, and the next day graduation for my son’s best friend who was by his side and who courageously tried to save him when he was attacked by the shark. When walking back over to my son’s tree at Sea Lookout Park, I found a surfboard someone had trashed. It was perfect, all knarley and beat up like it had taken some of the biggest waves or busted on big rocks, & patched so many times like the owner couldn’t part with his treasure that had taken so many sweet waves. It has alot of character, the kind my son would have loved,
    anyway I have repainted it real colorful for the kids with the message Medals of Courage Sharing Strength, Hope and Courage. I’m pretty proud of it, its come out pretty cool for my 1st board. If you send me your email, I’ll send you a picture or two of it. I loved your surfing films. Some one is smiling down on you from the heavens. Best regards, you are amazing Candace Ransom Kansasplease@msn.com

    June 29, 2013 at 9:35 am

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