PossAbilities Triathlon: My first Win!

PossAbilities Triathlon: My first Win!

Hello dear readers,

The 11th Annual PossAbilities Triathlon was a total success! My running went pretty well, specially because the terrain was mostly flat, and I nailed my first win in my category!!! 1hour and 20min was my total time, that also gave me an overall placing of 179th.
There was a great turnout at the event: over 1000 athletes from what I heard, a lot of spectators as well, your great Loma Linda weather, awesome organization by PossAbilities for an event this big and there you have it! Great success!
It’s such a classic weekend, you get there on Saturday, then you see people you only see like once a year. Everyone’s waiting for their packets, because you can only get them after the sunset. The reason being Saturday is the seventh day. They are Adventists, so from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown they rest. It’s pretty neat, one doesn’t see that very often.
Thank you PossAbilities for putting one such a great event! I hope to see everyone there next year again:)


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