Kendra’s Race: Finishing is winning

Kendra’s Race: Finishing is winning

Hello my dear readers,
Five kilometers on Catalina Island, roughly 3 miles. Wish it would be easier but I’m just getting used to that leg, and running those steep hills with even 2 legs would be hard! But it’s done, out of the way! Happy 2 year anniversary for me:)
Next event I’m eyeing is here in my adopted hometown of Santa Barbara, Kendra’s Race, the UCSB Tri on Saturday March 30. It’s a benchmark for me because it will be my first full triathlon, so it’s a big one! Last year I swam and cycled on this one and now it’s time for the real deal – 1/2 mile swim, 16 miles bike and 3 miles run: a Sprint Triathlon. Right now I’m not focused in doing an incredible time; finishing is winning for me. I’ll be the only challenged athlete of the event, so I’ll probably win in my category, haha!
Much love and blessings and thanks for stopping by!


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  • Candace Ransom Reply

    I just saw the billboard about Possibilities Triathlon on the way to visit my husband whose been at Loma Linda Hospital the last 21/2 weeks. I couldn’t help check it out, My 19 year old and I trained and ran 1/2 marathons together. I recognized the backdrop of your picture it looked like up near Ledbetter’s Beach in Santa Barbara. Luke was a chemistry major up there at UCSB as a junior, and when I’d visit, we’d run up there, and the final mile for the SB International Marathon is right along that stretch. Special memories there, I ran that race 2 of the last 3 years. I was suppose to meet my son up there 2 years ago but 2 weeks before the event he was killed by a great white shark, where he had his lower left leg severed in the attack. I still ran it and it was one of the most inspirational races I ever ran. He inspired me to start the endeavor Medals of Courage, where long distance and triathlon runners were encouraged to share their race medals with sick children. Last year I worked with Loma Linda Children’s Hospital to be able to share these medals with these children here. Luke had planned to do his graduate work at Loma Linda University in Pharmacology. You know well enough what it takes to dig down deep inside to find the courage to run on a long distance run, and surely the courage you have faced with all the time you spent at the hospital getting treatments. Over 2000 medals were donated from across the country last year from fellow runners including some incredible ones from the Boston , NY marathon and Ironman races and even the Bangkok Marathon. There was such an incredible the outpouring, and to see the bright smiles on these children’s faces this past November when they got to choose their own special Medal of Courage was without words to express.

    Its neat you’re looking to do Kendra’s race. I was told about it by Chancellor Yang at UCSB when I had gone in to set up a scholarship at the university a few days after my son’s death. after my son tugged on my heart to see that other chemistry students see their dream realized especially those who were very financially challenged.

    Enough about my son and I. I find what you are doing quite inspiring. My son was a competitive swimmer water polo player, long distance runner and surfer.. I can’t help but think had he survived the attack with his leg missing, would he have had the courage you have shown, and continued to do what he was so passionate about and what he loved doing? I cheer you on. Go for the gold!!! I don’t know about you, but the Lord has given me all my strength and courage to continue to do incredible things and for His glory. I feel so blessed the years I was able to share with my son as his biggest fan when he used to compete, and now he’s cheering me on from up there. It was by the grace of God that He gave me a peace that defies understanding about the loss of my son. He still continues to be with me in spirit everyday where I feel so much of his joy for life.

    I couldn’t help but check out the website after seeing the big billboard and signed up to help volunteer at the Possibilities Triathlon race coming up at the end of the month. If you check in at the pre-event Saturday evening, stop by to say hello. I volunteered to do check in and will probably be the only old lady with very, very long, silver, blond hair!!!! I’m looking forward to cheering all of you on in your efforts on Sunday. In my book, you truly have earned one of the Medals of Courage my son inspired me to share.

    And yes, finishing is winning.

    Go Do It! Rock the Race!!
    Candace Ransom

    April 12, 2013 at 4:25 pm
    • Andre Barbieri Reply

      Hi Candace, what a story, it definitely touched me. I’ve been a surfer most of my life so I can relate to what happened to Luke. I’m truly sorry, but happy you learned to accept it, although I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I’m looking forward to see you at the PossAbilities Tri, I’ll stop by on Saturday. And if I win any medal it will be yours no doubt! Love and blessings, Andre.

      April 12, 2013 at 6:51 pm

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