Paddlers Blog-Newport Race

Paddlers Blog-Newport Race

Some days….even the best laid out plans are a waste of time.

So, I had planned to just race the short course, but a day before the race,  a teammate and I decided to run the long course as a tandem.

My Imua co-coach, Heather, and I secured a two-man Huki canoe and dove into the Hal Rosoff winter series race… cold, sans any practice sessions.

Maybe not the brightest strategy, but man we had fun.

After our 9 mile treck, where we shook off the rust and worked out any kinks on the fly, we secured a solid 2nd place finish in the Masters 2man division.

THEN, I proceeded to jump into my 1man rudderless canoe to run the 4mile short course as I had originally planned. Now this proceeded to be a heck of a challenge. The wind was against us and I had gassed out my one leg on the previous run.

I still finished with a respectable 3rd place finish.

It was glorious to walk up to the podium twice in the same race to receive the adulation of my peers.

Enjoy the Pictures of the race.

My next event will be Saturday the 23rd of February in redondo Beach.

I always welcome input.

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